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20th June 2003, 05:05
So I was so completely bored the other day that I actually played a game of Microsoft Windows Solitaire and scored 6003 points which I thought was pretty high. I assume most if not all of you have played Windows Solitaire...if so what was your highest score? I played the Draw One option, which I think gets lower score than if I had played the Draw Three. Also I used the Standard Scoring.

20th June 2003, 05:13
i've not kept track of scores for a long time, but probably 5 or 6000 on standard score, and probably draw 3

20th June 2003, 12:49
I play Vegas and owe the computer several million virtual dollars. ;)

Spaced Cowboy
20th June 2003, 15:38
Is anyone totally addicted to the Spider solitare that comes with XP?....er..uh...like me?

Provost Harrison
20th June 2003, 16:06
Pushing 8000 I think, believe it or not...

20th June 2003, 17:14
I did get over 8000 once. It was a draw three game and everything just fell into place. A lot of the cards came up in the right order to just put them on the stacks and it took about 80 seconds IIRC.

I did go through a spell of playing a lot of spider solitaire when I upgraded to XP but I try to spend less time on the computer and more time having a life now.

23rd June 2003, 23:45
Probably 3 or 4000. Not that much of a player of Solitaire.

24th June 2003, 04:11
I never realized the game kept score :o

11th April 2005, 01:01
actually i managed to get over 10000 in score in three draw:b:

11th April 2005, 02:41

23rd April 2005, 13:10
Vegas for me. I always stop when I'm owing anything above $400. (Because then it gets impossible to earn some money even if you win).

22nd November 2007, 11:44
I am currently sitting on $7177 on Microsoft windows Xp solitaire vegas playing the one card option. back in 2002 I had reached $12,000 and something dollars and I am trying to break my own record. Does anyone know if there is a record breaking for this?


22nd November 2007, 11:46
maybe i will enter my score in the guiness book of records hehehe as I have taken pictures of it

10th December 2007, 18:16
I don't remember my scores as they often hovered between 2000-2500, currently I've reached the 700-750 score with Solitaire on my Windows Mobile PDA phone.

28th June 2008, 21:08
With standard scoring and draw one 10,471

30th January 2009, 12:54
Hi all I'm new to the forums. I was looking up to see who had the highest score on solitaire and i found your site.

I play alot of solitaire (I dont know why, bordem i suppose!!) and thought I would put up my highest score which is 15,227
Drawing 3 cards and Standard scoring

27th February 2009, 04:46
16 557 in 44 secs :face:
3 card draw - windows solitaire
will this cure my addiction? probably not :banghead:

27th March 2009, 09:56
ahh you beat me !! ... 3 card draw my newest high score is 16,212 ...
im gonna have to keep at it to beat you !! lol

8th July 2009, 18:32
My high score is 77,785. You have to play vegas, draw 3, cumulative score. Save all games when you have a higher score than your last save.
My husband and I were in a competition about this. He got a virus and had to reinstall his hard drive at 36,000 or so. I win!!

17th July 2009, 00:30
I'm addicted to vegas style, draw 3 for sure... I'm at $126k and counting. I'm really just trying to improve my win rate, hovering just under 15%. I have tried to find out what the % of winnable games is, but the stat I found was 80% and I know that can't be for vegas draw 3. In case you're wondering, I've played over 9k games on this computer. I don't watch tv, so solitaire is the only mind numbing activity around. I'm sure there is someone out there with a much higher score, I'd like to know what it is.

31st October 2009, 19:26
On Thursday, October 29, 2009, I had my highest score ever with a single deck. 11,813 in 62 seconds. I could hardly believe it. I once had a little over 10,000, but that was over a year ago.

10th April 2012, 19:13
8000, i dont play it since i got counter strike though.

13th November 2012, 11:21
http://onemanadreaming.blogspot.com.au/2012/11/what-is-your-highest-solitaire-score.html (http://onemanadreaming.blogspot.com.au/2012/11/what-is-your-highest-solitaire-score.html)
I reported achieving 11232 points, using the Solitaire game that comes with Microsoft Windows 7 Operating system.
- Vegas cumulative scoring.
- One card draw.
- Once through the deck only.