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Old 21st May 2010, 10:40
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Ogre Wars at

I would like to highly recommend Ogre Wars at Free MMORPG Forums. I even wrote a beginner's manual for the game.

I joined the game at the end of July and played until the beginning of April. I found it to be very fast paced (you get new resources every 15 minutes) with good players. The administrator of the game, ogreman, cares deeply about the game's balance and is constantly looking for ways to make the game more interesting.

It was very recent to the ForumCiv game discontinued at WPC except that it did not allow for the transfer of units or gold.

I found it very addictive and the other players congenial (although some of them got upset when my team decisively beat all the other teams resulting in a unanimous consensus to restart the game).

I can recommend Ogre Wars at without reservation.

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